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Terms And Conditions Of Rental Car Agreements

6. SUPER CDW: CDW covers damage to the rental vehicle; it waives liability for damage to the vehicle exceeding ISK 220,000 for 2wd and ISK 330,000 for 4wd and vans. But if you take Super CDW, change that to ISK 100,000 for 2wd and 160,000 ISK for 4wd and vans. Super CDW is available for ISK 1.300,- per day. But no insurance covers damage to the bottom of the car. 7. The car should be used and driven with great care. The renter is responsible for all damage to the car and injuries caused by a collision or accident of passengers that are not paid by the insurance company of the vehicle. 8. In the event of a collision or accident, the renter must immediately inform law enforcement and the landlord and must not leave the scene of the accident or collision until such action has been taken and after the police arrive at the scene of the accident. 9. The renter must return the vehicle to the office of the agreed owner at the beginning of the rental period with all tires, tools, accessories and equipment in the condition it was in at the reception, although normal wear and tear is accepted.

The lessor may at any time repossess the vehicle without notice if it is parked illegally, in violation of the law, against the terms of this agreement or if it is manifestly abandoned. 10. Under no circumstances may the vehicle be used, operated or driven: a) in breach of Icelandic law or the terms and conditions of this contract. (b) For the carriage of persons or goods. (c) for the traction or traction of vehicles, trailers or other objects. (d) a person other than the lessee who signs the contract, unless the lessor agrees in writing. (e) Off-road, i.e.:.

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