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Euro One Agreement

Por las Comunidades Europeas/For De Europæiske Fællesskaber/Für den European Communities/Για τοάς Ευρωπάάσάσομεάα/For the European Communities/Pour les Communautés européennes/Per le Comun europee europee/Voor de Europese Gemeenschappen/Pelas Comunidades Europeias/Euroopan yhteisöjen puolesta/På Europeiska gemenskapernas vägnar – extension of tax advantages granted by a Contracting Party under an international agreement or understanding, (1) If Morocco concludes agreements with other Mediterranean countries in support of free trade, the European Community is prepared to consider cumulation of origin in its trade with those countries. 5The articles of the original MEAs provided market access for all industrial products, but they were still limited with regard to access to agricultural products. A commitment to progressive liberalisation was made, but initially customs duties and conditional protection remained applicable and are set out in a protocol annexed to the agreement. [15] Similarly, the agreements included an obligation to liberalise trade in services and the right of establishment, but no specific agreements were concluded, with the exception of Lebanon and Algeria (see below). In addition, the agreements stipulate that the implementation of EU competition and state rules must be decided by the Association Council and that there are no binding disciplines for the liberalisation of public procurement. [16] In general, we can see that, despite the ambitions of the Barcelona Declaration, the rules laid down in the Association Agreements are rather limited and mainly cover trade in industrial goods. However, significant progress has been made in recent years in trade relations. 17The problems addressed above must also be taken into account by the presence of other important international actors, as well as by the resulting challenges and opportunities for European Mediterranean policy. The United States is an important first player to be expected. The United States is a Mediterranean power thanks to its power on the world stage and its historic engagement in parts of the region, particularly in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The region is less important for the US than for the EU. Unlike the European approach, U.S. engagement with IMCMs is therefore bilateral or sub-regional (rather than regional) and thematic (rather than general). This means that European interests are sometimes shared with the United States, such as.B. with regard to security in general and weapons of mass destruction in particular, thus strengthening their power to achieve their objectives in this area. But in the meantime, the U.S. selective engagement could skew its more holistic intentions, including promoting regional integration. The United States was also active on the economic and trade front in the Mediterranean. In 2000, the United States concluded a free trade agreement with Jordan, while the United States and Morocco signed a free trade agreement in 2004.

The United States has planned a free trade area in the Middle East by 2013. [45] 2. On the basis of the principles set out in paragraph 1, the Parties shall, where the circumstances are present, conclude agreements on the mutual recognition of qualifications. The provisions adopted by the Council of Association pursuant to Article 67 shall not affect the rights or obligations arising from bilateral agreements between Morocco and the Member States where those agreements provide for more favourable treatment of nationals of Morocco or of the Member States. The Community and Morocco shall progressively establish a free trade area for a transitional period not exceeding 12 years from the date of entry into force of this Agreement, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and in accordance with those of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 and the other multilateral agreements on trade in goods annexed to the Agreement establishing the WTO; hereinafter referred to as `GATT`. . . .

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