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Definition Of Articulation Agreements

Consult our transfer contract search to find published agreements between institutions. Ideally, the transition would allow students to pass a certain bachelor`s degree. Four-year-old universities find that transfer students have a high graduation rate and articulation agreements often contribute to a student`s success at university. The articulation of courses differs from the process of acceptance of credits acquired by one institution, from another institution, as it applies to its graduation requirements, i.e. “transfer of credits”. For example, a university may rely on the academic credit units acquired at a community college on its minimum number of units for a bachelor`s degree. However, some courses previously taken may not be treated as well as its own specific course requirements for a given core subject or a certain concentration for the same degree, if the articulation process shows that the other institution`s curricula are not equivalent to or less stringent than their own course curricula. In the latter situation, a transferring student may find that he or she cannot graduate until he or she has taken courses at the second institution, which partially overlap or repeat material that he or she studied previously at the first. Articulation agreements aim to establish strong partnerships and coordination between schools to facilitate a smooth transition for students. The identification of comparable results makes it possible to fulfil the conditions for study in one institution and to transfer them to another institution.

Transmission is a stressful process for any student who chooses to do so. So be sure to make the process as simple as possible for yourself by researching your options. Articulation agreements are usually the best choice to ensure that the hard work you`ve already done is appreciated and accepted – which earns you credits for your conclusion and future. You may be thinking, “Guaranteed entry? Did I read that correctly? Yes, that`s what you did! One cannot do better: many articulation agreements guarantee the automatic acceptance of any student who has acquired a Degree associated with a given cumulative amplifia. Some institutions indicate the type of associate degree (Associate of Art vs. Associate of Science vs. Associate of Applied Science) to obtain a guaranteed authorization. Of course, guaranteed permission may exclude certain programs that have higher admission criteria – so make sure you`re doing your academic research.

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