Some impressions from my recent trip to my Bavarian home…

1) Enjoying the fresh and crispy air
2) The beautiful view of Würzburgs castle
3) 25 years ago I learned swimming on the floor of an art exhibition
4) Inside-out, all renovated
5) Daily forest walks with my boyfriend’s mother
6) Painting eggs with white edding for the Easter branch of my sister in law


Magic. The first word I learned to say in English, and it’s still my favourite one.

Today my colleages have no chance to make an escape from this song – I am so in love with the lyrics and the mood of Coldplay‘s new release.


After the busy holiday and wholesale season that extended right through to the beginning of March things are finally slowing down in the studio and we look forward to spend a bit of time out of the studio and the bureau…A few shots from around here these days:

1) The online shops are open again since yesterday, your orders are welcome!
2) A birthday present for my best friend is waiting for him to come back from holidays.
3) Necklace layering in the box.
4) and 5) After work alcohol free beer at one of my favourite spots in the city, Elbstrand.