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Broward College Transfer Agreements

Broward College recognizes that learning can be achieved in different ways and wants to help you save time and money! Credit for Prior Learning at Broward College allows you to earn university credits for the knowledge and skills you have acquired in high school, technical university, work or other life experiences. Students who wish to continue their studies after graduating from Broward College with an associate degree can move to a four-year university. Many associate science students graduate and look for a job. However, some associate science students are trying to continue their studies by data transfer. The employees of the art students usually decide to transfer or stay at Broward College to stay in one of our bachelor`s programs. Joint credits appear in student transcripts as “CR.” Ratings are not assigned for the joint. Credits acquired by Articulation meet the graduation criteria, but cannot be accepted as transfer credits to another institution. Students considering a transfer to other higher education institutions should apply to the university or university to determine if articulation points are accepted. To see the list of approved programs, please email FAMU Transfer Student Services Office is still active and is available for all transfer/Ignite students for all needs they have Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m..m.-5:00 p.m.m.

during these epic times. The Prior Learning Assessment Program, which was designed primarily for working adults, was designed to recognize the academic value of what students have learned from experience outside the university class. Recognition of pre-professional learning can result from work experience, training programs and seminars related to employment, volunteering, travel, military service or intensive self-directed studies. If students have acquired equivalent knowledge, skills and/or skills based on previous learning experiences, they may be recognized by the Priority Learning Assessment Program. Students who have completed a career program may have the right to acquire university credits and continue their training through the Broward University Curriculum. Save time and money! Money! Students at broward County Public School who have completed a career and technology program at Broward County Pubic County High Schools can qualify for a university credit for an associated science program. Let Broward College save time and money! This articulation agreement between Alliant International University and BC allows students who perform the equivalent of 0 to 90 units in an adapted bachelor`s degree, as defined by Alliant, including business management, or related fields, who are transferred to BC with a minimum cumulative GPA degree of this credit and have the right to complete their bachelor`s degree at Alliant. Students must obtain a total of 120 U.S. credit units to obtain a bachelor`s degree from Alliant. Students who switch to Alliant through this agreement must complete the corresponding number of remaining units after the transfer of BC units and acquire the cumulative GPA according to the Alliant catalogue to obtain a bachelor`s degree from Alliant.

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