These days I can’t get enough of distressed denim, I actually went to the thrift store and got jeans just to shred, best 10€ I ever spent, I LIVE in them! I can wear them to the studio to work, don’t care what happens to them, then throw on a blazer and heels, BOOM, ready for meeting the girls for drinks.


Due to a lot of huge wholesale orders we unfortunatelly needed to close our online shops until the jewelry is ready to ship. The shops will be open and stocked with new items in the week of March 17th. Thanks for your understanding.


I am hosting a party next weekend and spend my sunday evening browsing through pinterest to find the perfect yummi dessert. I am the biggest sucker for cacao and every kind of berries. If my lovely neighbour wants to make me happy I now and then find a chocolate tarte with berry cream topping in front of the door – that makes my day. Perhaps he will let me know his secret receipt?

images via pinterest


Over the past five years or so there’s been no shortage of photography and short films not featuring the sensuous curls of ink plumes dispersing underwater. Yet nobody comes close to the master, Italian photographer Alberto Seveso who creates impressive underwater landscapes so rich in detail and color it makes me want to swim through my monitor.


12_10_14 koshikira_wishlistWe have been wanting some new metal work equipment for sometime now, this xmas is the perfect time to treat koshikira with a few things!

1) flex shaft tool set
2) dapping block
3) torch
4) work bench
5) tripod stand
6) bracelet mandrel


On the occation of today’s dawanda interview I decided to start an OFFICIAL koshikira blog to allow a view behind the scenes of our daily life and share current inspirations.

I wish you fun reading and watching!