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1) Layering fun in the studio
2) Just finished some OOAK rings in bright summer colours, they fit perfectly in our current collection
3) A day at the market selling our prototype pieces, which we don’t want to add to our shop


2014-02-05_koshikira_flower1 2014-02-05_koshikira_flower2 2014-02-05_koshikira_flower3In his Broken Flower series photographer Jon Shireman soaked various kinds of flowers in a liquid nitrogen bath for up to 30 minutes before using a special spring-loaded contraption to slam them against a surface at high speed. He then photographed the hundreds of fragments spread across a white surface like sharp glass shards. Beautiful work.


Here in Hamburg, we’re no strangers to the rain. Months and months of time goes by seeing life through a haze of drizzle and mist. Although the rain can be a bit tedious, I am always struck by the beauty it brings out in the way the landscape becomes distorted. Today by accident I stumpled across the rain and water themed paintings of Brooklyn artist Alyssa Monks. She has established a way of painting that mixes realism and abstraction forming figurative art, which means that her oil paintings visually look real, much like a still photo. What else can I say, I am impressed and inspired – and really hope I will have the chance to see her fascinating art work live in an exhibition someday.


Some impressions from my recent trip to my Bavarian home…

1) Enjoying the fresh and crispy air
2) The beautiful view of Würzburgs castle
3) 25 years ago I learned swimming on the floor of an art exhibition
4) Inside-out, all renovated
5) Daily forest walks with my boyfriend’s mother
6) Painting eggs with white edding for the Easter branch of my sister in law


Magic. The first word I learned to say in English, and it’s still my favourite one.

Today my colleages have no chance to make an escape from this song – I am so in love with the lyrics and the mood of Coldplay‘s new release.