By far one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about the types of gemstones and metals used in our collection, so we decided to start this year with a new blog category. Our aim is to provide you some insights and background knowledge of the materials we use in making jewelry to help you better understand the quality and make better decision. Let’s start with an exploration of our three different metals, we hope you enjoy!



We use solid gold on the outside of our gold filled jewelry in combination with other metals to offer a sturdy structure. In order to be qualified as “Gold Filled” an item must be at least 5% gold in ratio. You’ll also typically see a stamp from the manufacturer that identifies the amount it contains (e.g. 14 KT GF). If properly cared for, gold filled jewelry will last a lifetime and can easily be cleaned. However, if put through really rough use there is a minute chance that the gold layer will flake off.


Unlike gold-filled jewelry, gold or silver plated jewelry like our ring collection has a layer of gold or rhodium electroplated on the top of the jeweler’s brass. Although our electroplating is high quality and up to 8 micron, electroplating does tend to wear off more quickly than other materials, which means it needs to be kept away from liquids, sweat and cosmetic products.


Silver is too soft to be used for jewelry in its pure form. Consequently, we use it in alloys such as Sterling Silver. This is made of 92% silver and 8% various other metals, you’ll find copper to make up the next greatest portion of metals in Sterling. Although in the Western civilization it has been used for eating instruments such as knife and fork sets, in the rest of the world it ranks only second to gold. With constant use, grime is inevitable, but cleaning is easy and can be done at home, soon we will upload a blog post about that topic. To give it a shiny finish, our Sterling Silver jewelry is also covered by fine silver or rhodium.

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koshikira 3

Some pieces we never forget, even if they were already sold a long time ago… This was one of our favourite OOAK necklaces ever and it was a pretty tough job to wrap it up for its journey to the new owner.




koshikira_nature 1

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‘When I was little I used to dream about being a dancer or that I could fly and that I would learn to speak the language of the animals in the forest or that of the most dramatic actor. With the click of a finger I’ve found a way to make these things come true’

beautiful landscape prints by Jessica Tremp



koshikira turquoise labradorite cross love layering necklaces

Turquoise and shimmering labradorite for that fresh summer vibe.. One of our favourite custom orders last year is this set of layered necklaces, which made its way to Hawai to the new proud owner. Aloha! ♡


OOAK UNIKAT Schmuck jewelry Ring Kette Geschenk present Freundin Hochzeit wedding kk koshikira Achat agathe (104)


I already fell in love with crystals, gems and druzies when I was a small kid wandering through the Bavarian nature searching for small treasures such as stones, leafs and flowers. I collected them over all the years, they joined me all my way from Bavaria to Berlin to Hamburg to Saarbrücken to Cambodia and back to Hamburg, the boxes filled with rocks got bigger and heavier… So six years ago I decided to use a considerable number of my former findings to craft a few new jewelry pieces. I have to admit that it was pretty tough to sell them at the beginning, knowing that each and every one of them is One Of A Kind and I was emotionally touched to let my crystals go as they reminded me of special moments in foreign countries or a lovely day with friends at the market. Meanwhile, as I am getting used to search for gems on a matter of business, it is way easier to cope with that “loss”, also knowing that the costumers of our OOAK collections are just as crazy about the raw beauty of the gemstones as we are. ♡