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Agreement For Software Purchase

8.1. The user assures Inserv that he is the author and original user of subjective programs owned by the U.S. Copyright Act and applicable federal and regional property rights laws, and that he is authorized to transfer and transfer all rights, titles and interests to Inserv in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. 7.2. In addition, Inserv and Users agree to terminate their previous “Inserv-User Data Processing Services Agreement,” which was originally executed at `[date]. The clause of this agreement is conditional on the termination of the agreement. In connection with the termination of the contract, Inserv undertakes to separate all employees related to the performance of the contract and to make available to staff who do not have a job with the user a redundancy package within 24 hours of their termination by Inserv. Inserv, as part of a separate agreement with the persons concerned, will encourage the current MIS and Manager Application management systems to receive lump sum compensation if they remain in their current position for a specified period (approximately six months) after the switchover to the user or if they are terminated for reasons other than termination after the switchover to the user. This agreement, valid – …, between a user`s 11.5.

The parties agree that this agreement is the complete and exclusive status of the contract and replaces all oral or written proposals and agreements regarding the purpose of this agreement. 11.4. Each party states that it has the full power and authority to fulfil the obligations under this agreement and that it has not entered into any other agreements that it would be able to satisfactorily meet 6.1. The user recognizes receipt of the US$1 amount provided by Inserv as the mutually agreed purchase price as good and sufficiently considerate for the User to have entered into this agreement and provided the thematic programs in accordance with Section 3, in addition to the additional consideration described below. 7.4. Inserv provides the services of – for a period of 180 days from the effective date of this Agreement to facilitate the transition of Inserv`s data processing services to the user.

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