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Turquoise and shimmering labradorite for that fresh summer vibe.. One of our favourite custom orders last year is this set of layered necklaces, which made its way to Hawai to the new proud owner. Aloha! ♡




A variety of quartz, Citrine is an attractive, durable gemstone with pale yellow to reddish-brown color. It is produced by heat treating Amethyst, which undergoes a color change to the golden yellow or brownish-red color variation depending on the heating temperature (750 – 1700 degrees Fahrenheit). The natural citrine is light yellow to orange-yellow and lacks the ‘reddish tint’ the Citrine produced by heat treatment has. It can be cut into different shapes and sizes, and with its beauty and color, we use it for pendants in our jewelry designs. This beautiful gem is produced largely in Brazil. Other producer countries are Zaire, Namibia, Spain and Argentina.



We know Citrine to be called names like ‘Success stone’- because of its bright energy and color that radiates energies for good luck, great fortune, prosperity and is said to bring about success in all areas of life. It is also known as the ‘Merchant stone’ because it raises luck when worn or used for business equipment like the cash box because it is said to promote generosity.

Citrine is one of our favorite stones for developing psychic and spiritual awareness because it clears off any negative energies from its environment, dissipating them with its powerful aura. Mentally, it helps to boost confidence and clarity of the mind which promotes creativity and good virtues such as honesty and generosity.

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Treat yourself with this fabulous gemstone for problems like nightmares, insomnia, general health problems, organ problems – including the heart, boosting strength and muscles. It can also be used for increasing sexuality, beauty, and removal of toxins.


The beauty of Citrine is that it is a self-cleansing stone, but that doesn’t mean its energy can’t benefit from a little polishing. The only thing you should totally avoid is sunlight cleansing. It is very undesirable for citrine, as the heat can affect its color and can also weaken it, making it look pale.

On the other hand, these are healthy methods to cleanse this soothing gemstone:

  1. Selenite cleansing: Placing Citrine on a large piece of selenite for about 15 – 20 minutes
  1. Moonlight cleansing; Placing Citrine in direct moonlight overnight, especially during a full moon,

The moon can also be used to charge the energy of the stone. This makes the moonlight one of the most desirable ways, as it cleanses and charges Citrine at the same time. However, bear in mind that different cycles of the moon carry with it different energies, so choose the cycle that carries energy suitable to your desires.

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We expressly point out that the statements regarding the healing effects are not yet scientifically proven or medically approved. Thus, the statements are not a diagnosis or treatment and are therefore also not a substitute for any medical advice or medical help.

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