Amethyst is a gemstone that’s used frequently in our jewelry designs. It is a type of quartz that is distinguished by its purple color, which can vary in intensity from a dull, light purple to a deep, dark violet (though in rare cases it can be found in red or blue). It typically takes the shape of a six sided prism and is commonly known as the birthstone for the month of February.

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Amethyst is typically mined in Brazil, South Korea, and in certain parts of the United States of America, and although the stone can be found in great abundance, it’s been classified as semi-precious due to its beauty and how easy to mold and manipulate it is – making it perfect for crafting things out of it, namely jewelry. The Amethyst we use for pendants and rings are mined in Brazil – historically a placed noted as having the highest concentrations and best quality of amethyst and quartz.

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Amethyst has been used for a number of purposes throughout history, and its elegant utility is one of the reasons we love it. The crystal’s name has its origins in Greece, and its original Greek name translated to “not drunk,” as the stone was originally used to protect the wearer’s mind from many ills, namely drunkenness (the god Dionysus is often depicted holding or wearing amethyst, and the Greeks carved wine goblets out of the stone). However, the Greeks weren’t the only people to recognize this stone’s uses. Amethyst is considered sacred to the Buddha, and Tibetan monks use the stone to make their prayer beads, while over in Europe soldiers wore amulets made of amethyst in battle to keep them level headed and heal their wounds.

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Amethyst has always been used to protect the minds and temperaments of its wearer, and is still one of the more popular stones for doing so today. As for a user’s inner life, amethyst is well known as an excellent pendant for helping a wearer attain inner peace, keep an even keel, and attain a strong patience. The stone has been known as a great companion for focus and meditation, as well as a strong protection pendant for travellers. Amethyst is also good for healing the pains of grief and loss, and for helping a person even themselves out overall, helping them keep from submitting to impulses and giving in to negativity. Amethyst is associated with the head, forehead, third eye, mind, and the connection that binds the mind, body, and spirit.

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We usually offer Amethyst as necklaces, but sometimes we also find some very small stones of excellent quality to use them for our popular One of A Kind jewelry pieces. Treat yourself with this gemstone for its unique healing powers and ability to provide good luck as well as its ability to soothe your mind and offer calmness. To clean the stone, simply run it under cold water for about thirty seconds and pat dry with a soft towel. If you find yourself in possession of a particularly darker hued amethyst stone and wish to keep the stone’s deep violet color, make sure to keep the crystal out of direct sunlight. Amethyst’s standard purple color goes excellently with gold (as the two are complimentary colors) and gold is also used to promote inner stability and healing in many cultures and practices.


We expressly point out that the statements regarding the healing effects are not yet scientifically proven or medically approved. Thus, the statements are not a diagnosis or treatment and are therefore also not a substitute for any medical advice or medical help.

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