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I already fell in love with crystals, gems and druzies when I was a small kid wandering through the Bavarian nature searching for small treasures such as stones, leafs and flowers. I collected them over all the years, they joined me all my way from Bavaria to Berlin to Hamburg to Saarbrücken to Cambodia and back to Hamburg, the boxes filled with rocks got bigger and heavier… So six years ago I decided to use a considerable number of my former findings to craft a few new jewelry pieces. I have to admit that it was pretty tough to sell them at the beginning, knowing that each and every one of them is One Of A Kind and I was emotionally touched to let my crystals go as they reminded me of special moments in foreign countries or a lovely day with friends at the market. Meanwhile, as I am getting used to search for gems on a matter of business, it is way easier to cope with that “loss”, also knowing that the costumers of our OOAK collections are just as crazy about the raw beauty of the gemstones as we are. ♡