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We really love these new minimal colour works of Alyson Provax. In an interview at the website buysomedamnart.com she explained,

“I suppose my work is inevitably dark insofar as it deals with time, which is given meaning through death. Although, without being too prescriptive, I find it almost impossibly light to be reminded that we will move through time regardless of anything else, that everything will eventually change and there is just nothing to be done – and that our attention to the moment is the only thing keeping us rooted in place, at all.”

You can inquire about the originals via her website or at Ristretto and there are wonderful prints available online at Tappan Collective.


The most amazing Christmas Fair for customized gifts starts again and of course we are also participating. We’ve been busy prepping for it so if you’re in the area today or tomorrow stop by to get a chance to see our product in person. We’ll be selling alongside some other great brands and our prices will be slightly reduced from the online shop. All the info is available here.

The koshikira flowergirls are looking forward to meet you in Berlin!